COVID-19 Coronavirus

Internal measures

Transfer all the raw materials that enter our cold stores to disinfected boxes
Update: Apply this measure also to all dry product
Manage product traceability
FIFO management in raw materials and in pre-elaborations
Control the level of free chlorine in the water of all our facilities
Manual and computerized control of the temperatures of our store rooms
Use ozone and quaternary ammonium as a disinfectant in our facilities
Update: Increase the frequency of disinfection and the dose of virucidal
Double-wash the dishes, one manual and one in the machine, subjecting them to more than 85ºC to guarantee their total disinfection
Update: Increase preventive maintenance of washing machines
Handling raw products in refrigerated and disinfected rooms
Disinfect raw products with a chlorine-based product
Disinfect utensils used in handling processes above 85ºC
Disinfect cutting tools in cabinets with UV light
Subject the pre-elaborations to a rapid temperature reduction to minimize microbiological risks
Ensure disinfection of work uniforms
New measure
Promote the disinfection of the hands, forearms and face of workers
New measure
Wear face masks at the workplace
New measure
Maintain the distance between workers and customers
New measure
Stagger the entrance of employees to avoid crowds
New measure
Perform regular disinfection of the facilities with chlorine-based nebulizations
New measure

Room measures

Disinfect tables with quaternary ammonium-based virucidal between clients
Update: Expand to the cleaning of nearby chairs and vertical surfaces. Increase the virucidal dose compared to before COVID-19. Dry with paper instead of cloth
Use single-use tablecloths and napkins
Update: Avoid using service furniture to store them
Offer disinfectant wipes to the customer
Update: Increase the disinfecting dose
Make hydroalcoholic gel available to customers at the entrances of restaurants, toilets and distributed around the room
New measure
Using disinfecting rugs at the entrances of the restaurants
New measure
Assign a worker to exclusively and continuously perform cleaning and disinfection tasks during service in toilets and critical points
New measure
Periodically disinfect the room with chlorine-based nebulizations
New measure
Disinfect air conditioning machines, especially their filters, with virucidal spray
New measure
Replace the physical menu with one in digital format
New measure
Set up the table just before the client occupies it
New measure
Promote electronic forms of payment to the detriment of cash
New measure
Disinfect the cash payment machine after each use
New measure
Replacing toilet air hand dryers with self-cutting paper dispensers machines
New measure
Replacing toilet paper dispensers for self-cutting dispensers to minimize contact
New measure
We removed the self-service to heat baby food. Now waiters do it with the maximum disinfection guarantees
New measure

How to prevent Coronavirus?

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak,
available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority.

How to Wash Your Hands

Most of us know how important it is to practise good hand hygiene.
But just because you're washing your hands often, doesn't mean that you're washing them well.