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How is the Gift Card or Menu delivered?

The product is sent by email in PDF.
Please make sure you have space available in your email and check the Spam folder.

When can it be consumed?

It can be consumed on any date the restaurants are open. The menu for groups menu can only be consumed from Monday to Friday, holidays not included. We advise to book in advance by phone or in the reservation form.

Gift card and Menu

Must be consumed in whole. To find out what each card or menu includes, select it from the drop-down menu to display the information.

Gift Cards with custom amount

These cards can be consumed in whole or in part, leaving the remaining balance available for another occasion. The balance can be used for a lunch or dinner, purchase products from the store or take away.

Expiration and use

Single-use products, except for cards with custom amount.
All products are valid for one year after purchase.


No refunds. If a product pending to be consumed or a custom card with a remaining balance expires, the product will be considered extinct and cannot be exchanged.

Payment Method

Payment must be made in advance when acquiring the card from the web form or at the restaurant itself with a credit card or in cash.

Payment security

Payment is made through the La Caixa payment gateway, so we do not store any data from your card. During the entire payment process your data is transmitted encrypted, so it is totally secure.

More doubts?

Please, write us an email to
We will be happy to answer all your questions.
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