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Healthy food!

Traditional, local and additives-free
We use only the highest quality products to design balanced dishes inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, with a high commitment to the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

To ensure food security, we audit, document and train our staff in all handling processes, with special emphasis on the allergens management.

If you have any food intolerance, we recommend to consult the interactive allergen menu, which details the composition of the dishes and their alternatives. Allergens menu
We replace the frying oil daily!
We fry with oil low in saturated fatty acids, made with seeds from sustainable crops, not deforested, fair trade and free of chemical products.
We always fry at high temperature so that the oil is not absorbed and the product is healthier.

In addition, to guarantee a correct flavor, without mixtures or impurities, we filter the oil daily between services and replace it with new oil between 24 and 36 hours.

The replaced oil is completely recycled.

Sustainable with the environment


Sustainable fishing

We trace the origin of our products and we care about the protection of species and their habitats

Green energy

100% of our energy comes from non-polluting sources that respect the environment

We recycle

Our linens and menu are 100% recycled, among other things and we separate and manage our waste


With water saving and energy efficiency with state-of-the-art machinery

Responsible with society

We constantly try to improve the experience of our customers and take care of the environment, but our responsibility goes beyond all aspects related to the restaurant.

You are part of this!

We've helped cure more than 1.100 people with leprosy
Along with 1,070 restaurants, we raised 195,000€ in 2017 to fight against child malnutrition. We have also helped in nutrition, sanitation and emergency management programs
In 2017 we have planted almost 1.700 trees

Waste management

For a proper management, we analyze the waste generated in our kitchens and the leftovers of the customers, and assign them to their container.
In order not to scrap product, we strive to know how to use it, elaborate it and conserve it. Therefore, a key factor is to perform daily stock control and optimization.
As much as possible we use seasonal products, local products and local producers to reduce transport costs and pollution, also helping grow our community.


We use state-of-the-art machinery and technology with maximum performance in all areas of our restaurants that ensures maximum energy efficiency.
We also have maintenance protocols to ensure maximum performance and smooth operation.
The water taps are equipped with push buttons or timers and others with sensors to achieve a more responsible and efficient consumption.
Our central kitchen model allows us to properly manage the consumption of energy, water and chemicals.
The cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly.
All the energy we use in El Pòsit comes from renewable alternative energy sources such as hydropower, wind power or solar energy.

Segell Blau d'Agbar Honorífic 2018

Sustainable DNA
Our commitment to the environment, water saving and sustainability are fundamental values ​​in El Pòsit and we apply them daily in our two restaurants: El Pòsit de Cambrils and El Pòsit del Serrallo.

Our effort for responsible use of products, the local products and energy efficiency has been rewarded with the Segell Blau d'Agbar Honorífic of 2018, which stands out as the most sustainable restaurant.

Respect for the environment is part of our DNA and this recognition helps us to continue improving day by day.
El Pòsit del Serrallo participated in the "Joc De Cartes" TV Show, where several restaurants compete weekly.

The restaurateurs and the chef and presenter Marc Ribas gave us a score of 8.0 against excellent competitors and we won the Segell Blau, an sustainability award.

This recognition let us to compete for the honorific award among all the restaurants that in 2018 won the Segell Blau award.
Thank you!