Our Story.

El Pòsit de Cambrils 1973, where it all began
El Pòsit

Since 1973.

El Pòsit is a family business where seafood cuisine comes to life and tradition and flavor merge with more than half a century of experience.


It all started in the old 'Pòsit de Pescadores' building in Cambrils, a corner full of history and tradition that was the perfect setting to bring our gastronomic vision to life and honor the area's maritime heritage.
The soul of Pòsit, with whom it all began: Antonio, Adolfina, María and Herminia


El Pòsit has grown over the years, becoming a reference for seafood cuisine in Cambrils.

Currently, we have successfully expanded our presence, opening a new restaurant in Serrallo in Tarragona in 2016, a new concept in Cambills under the name Bar del Pòsit in 2019 and another in La Pineda in 2024.
Nowadays, the new generation of the El Pòsit family has expanded its presence with new restaurants


Our goal is the happiness of our customers, ensuring that each visit to our restaurants is an exceptional experience, where they can enjoy food made with fresh and responsible ingredients.

We are committed to simple but good, healthy and quality cuisine, very Mediterranean.
At El Pòsit our goal is the happiness of our clients
El Pòsit, restaurants committed to people, the territory and the environment


We act sustainably in managing our restaurants to create a positive impact on people, the territory and the environment.


Our new brand is born from our commitment to the territory, local winegrowers and producers.

Aproppòsit reflects our business philosophy of promoting fair and sustainable trade, being responsible with the environment and establishing alliances with local producers. wine, cava, oil and spirits.

Buy Aproppòsit products in the restaurants and in the online store.
Aproppòsit, sustainable, local and fair trade products