With the circular economy
and sustainability




We have already done

Emission reduction

In 2020 we have calculated and offset our carbon footprint through the #CEROCO2 platform project for the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon by planting 400 trees

External Communication

Informing our customers of our progress towards a more sustainable enterprise policy

Green energy

All our restaurants run on 100% renewable clean energy


We have replaced our conventional aprons with aprons recycled from plastic bottles, with 0 waste and ethically manufactured at the Roure foundation.

KM0 microfiltered water

All our restaurants serve microfiltered water without residual impact. 100% sustainable

Sustainable fishing

Much of the fish on our menu has the MSC sustainable fishing certification and our goal is to continue advancing on this path

Air quality

We are pioneers in the restoration of guaranteeing the air quality of our restaurants through the latest generation devices manufactured in Barcelona by Blava. Designed by Inspira & Gastropología

Segell Blau d'Agbar Honorífic 2018

Our commitment to the environment, saving water and sustainability are fundamental values at El Pòsit and we apply them daily in our restaurants: El Pòsit de Cambrils, El Pòsit del Serrallo and Bar del Pòsit.

Our effort to make responsible use of products, proximity and having the maximum care in the use of energy has been rewarded with the Segell Blau d'Agbar Honorífic of 2018, which makes us as the most sustainable restaurant.

Respect for the environment is part of our DNA and this recognition helps us to continue striving to improve every day.